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Smart Watch, Touchscreen Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate & SpO2 Monitor, Sleep Tracking, 5ATM Waterproof Pedometer Smartwatch Compatible with iPhone and Android Phones for Women Men

Smart Watch, Touchscreen Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate & SpO2 Monitor, Sleep Tracking, 5ATM Waterproof Pedometer Smartwatch Compatible with iPhone and Android Phones for Women Men

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Automatic Sleep Tracking

Automatically track and analyze your sleep time and quality, you can see your current day's sleep data on the watch directly; Pair your smart watch to our VeryFitPro app, you’ll be able to observe sleep data over time and adjust sleep patterns should you need to improve your fitness and health.

Long Battery Life

Designed with a 210mAh large-capacity low-power battery, the fitness watch works up to 7 days of usage on a single charge.

Go Far with Waterproof

Don't need to worry about the rainy day, enjoy your fitness life with the 5ATM waterproof function.

smart watch

smart watch

smart watch

Take a Deep Dive into Health

Our smart watch could monitor your blood oxygen saturation either in daily or during sleeping.

Note: SpO2 data cannot be considered as a medical-grade test.

Smart Notification

Timely reminders for SMS messages, incoming calls and other social media apps.

You won’t miss important moment.

Tips for Using the Watch

  • Please do not wear your watch too tight
  • Clean and dry when the watch get wet
  • Make sure your skin is dry before using
  • Take regular breaks when using
Screen Size 1.3-inch color screen
Waterproof 5ATM
Item Weight 1.4 ounces
Charging time about 2.5 hours
Compatible Phones iOS 11.O/Android OS 6.0 or above and with Bluetooth 4.0 or later.
Battery life 7-9 days


A. Failure to re-pair the watch with the app on your smartphone.

  • 1. Swipe the screen of watch to enter settings mode. Tap "System" and choose "Reset". The information on the watch will be reset and the watch will be restarted.
  • 2. Select the watch language on the watch and enter the QR code interface as instructed.
  • 3. Use the app to scan the QR code displayed on your watch to pair.

If you still fail to connect the watch to the app, please kindly take the following steps:

  • 1. Make sure your smartphone’s Bluetooth is enabled and the watch is not connected to other smartphones.
  • 2. Search this device in the app to pair (Go to the "Device" page → "Pair device" ).
  • 3. Make sure the distance between your smartphone and the watch does not exceed 0.5 meters and keep the watch screen always on when pairing.

B. Occasional failure to connect with Bluetooth

  • 1. Reboot your smartphone or restart your smartphone’s Bluetooth.

C. The watch is disconnected from the app on your smartphone

  • 1. Smartphone Bluetooth is off or exceeds the Bluetooth connection range (the maximum Bluetooth connection range is 10 meters and can easily be reduced by walls, furniture, etc.)
  • 2. The app is closed on the phone. (This can occur automatically under certain circumstances.)

To reconnect the watch to your smartphone, please kindly take the following steps:

  • 1. Restart the Bluetooth of your phone.
  • 2. Clear all running / background processes on your smartphone and restart the app. Then the watch will reconnect to your phone automatically.

D. Failure to receive SMS / calls notifications. Please kindly refer to the following tips: )

  • 1. Go to your smartphone Settings, find our app, enable the Location and all Notifications.
  • 2. Enable your phone’s Bluetooth and go to the our app to pair the watch.
  • 3. Open the app. Go to the "Device" page → "Notification Alerts", turn on "Notification Alerts".
  • 4. Make sure the "Do Not Disturb" function is not enabled in the app or the watch.

E. Blood Oxygen Level Measurement Accuracy

  • 1. The Blood oxygen level will be affected by factors such as motion, watch placement on the wrist, skin temperature and skin perfusion. These factors will cause fluctuations in blood oxygen measurements.
  • 2. For a single measurement on the watch, please wear the watch two fingers wide below the wrist bone, snug but comfortable on your wrist. When measuring, stay still and make sure your wrist is flat with the watch facing up. If you are sitting, you can rest your arm on a table with the watch facing up. For sleep blood oxygen detection, please wear the watch snugly but comfortable on the wrist when sleeping.
  • 3. The smart watch blood oxygen sensor isn’t a medical device and won’t be able to diagnose or monitor any medical conditions. If there is a problem
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