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Original Magnetic Golf Cart Phone Holder, Golf Caddy, Coolest Golf Cart Accessories, Cool Golf Gadgets, Slim Smartphone Mount

Original Magnetic Golf Cart Phone Holder, Golf Caddy, Coolest Golf Cart Accessories, Cool Golf Gadgets, Slim Smartphone Mount

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Product Description

The Original Golf Magnetic Phone Holder by Stripebird

Stripebird Magnetic Phone Holder

The Stripebird Golf Magnetic Phone Holder is magnetically attachable onto golf carts, golf irons, the Stripebird Hub and Push Cart Mount (sold separately). Uses dual Neodymium N52 magnets (strongest rare-earth magnets) to withstand the bumpiest of rides on the cart.

The Stripebird Magnetic Phone Holder in Action


US Patent-Pending with Maximum Strength Hold. The Magnetic Phone Holder has an ultra-slim profile and is expandable to fit ALL types and brands of smartphones (with or without a case).

Golf Phone Holder features

Magnetically Attachable Onto

Stripebird Push Cart Mount

Stripebird Push Cart Mount

Dedicated surface for conveniently positioning your smartphone while walking the course right on the handle of your golf push cart for.

Phone Holder on Golf Cart

Golf Carts

Record scores, check the golf GPS app and never miss an important call or text. No installation - simply detach Phone Holder from the metal surface.

Golf Phone Holder Magnetic

Golf Irons

Magnetically attachable onto golf club irons. A good way to keep your phone nearby.

Golf Phone Holder on Stripebird Hub

Stripebird Hub for Golf Bags

The Hub, made of steel, has an optimal size and structure to fit all types of golf bag cuffs.

Wide Compatibility

Compatible with All Smartphones on the Market

The Stripebird Phone Holder is designed to fit all phones.

(If for some reason it does not, please reach out to the support team and let us know and we will resolve the issue.)

Compatible Phone Holder

Will the Stripebird Phone Holder fit my smartphone?

The Stripebird Phone Holder was designed to fit the largest of smartphones in the market including the iPhone Pro Max and Galaxy Ultra. The only phones that will not fit are foldable smartphones.

Does the Phone Holder's magnets affect smartphones?

No, they do not affect the use of smartphones,

Can the Phone Holder fit smartphones with cases on them?

In most cases, the Phone Holder will accommodate phone cases. However, there are some phone cases on the market that are very bulky, such as some from Otter Box. The bulkier cases will not fit. We suggest you try it out first!

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